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Evel Dick hit by car: Reality star has strange accident he can't explain

Evel Dick
Evel Dick on Twitter

Fans of the show "Big Brother" all remember Evel Dick. On Friday, Starcasm shared about some very strange tweets that he sent out saying he believes he was hit by a car. He even shared a picture of his face which is covered in blood on one side of it.

Dick was on Twitter talking about how he thinks he got hit by a car, but honestly he wasn't sure. He remembers riding his bike home and says that nothing is wrong with it at all. He had no memory of what happened at all though. Dick shared that he had been at the bar but only had two beers and was not drunk at all.

One tweet he sent said, "Then all I remember was a cab driver yelling at me if I was ok... then remember getting home and everything after. I'll be fine." It all sounds like he really doesn't know what happened to him. He went on to apologize to fans and say he never should have shared that picture on Twitter. He also said that someone named Lisa was going to come by and check on him.

His fans were very concerned for him and kept responding. They all had their own ideas of what could have happened to him but he thought all of their ideas were crazy. Evel Dick seems to still be doing okay though and said that he took something for a headache and it did the trick. He may never know what really happened to him when he came home with his face covered in blood.

"Big Brother" will return to CBS this summer. More than likely Evel Dick won't be on there, but you never know when he will show up. He has been on the show more than once already and always talks about it during the new seasons.

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