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Eve, mother of all living humans


Eve the wife of Adam is never mentioned in secular textbooks. School textbooks which promote evolution believe the first woman Lucy, was the oldest known ancestor of humans at 3.18 million years. She is often referred to as the "first human", the perfect missing link and is known to either student or museum visitor. In more reserved moments, scientists refer to Lucy as the first ape that took the first step toward becoming the first human. But have evolutionists once again over stepped the data? Are they asserting too much?

Lucy was found in Ethiopia in 1974 by Dr. Donald Johanson. The bones and fragments which were considered to be from her, were gathered over a significant area and placed together. Lucy was nearly 40 percent complete. She was dubbed "Australopithecus afarensis", or southern ape from the Afar region." Johanson was so thrilled with the discovery that he had a party to celebrate the find. At the party they were playing a Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". This song is the reason why the fossil find is called Lucy.

Lucy was only three feet six inches tall, with a chimp-size brain, chimp-like teeth and jaw. She was rather chimp-like. The only feature that pointed toward man was her knee, which was not found with the rest of the bones, and her pelvis. To some investigators, these features indicated that she could walk somewhat erect. The pelvis had been badly crushed, and when it was first reassembled it was substantially chimp-like. Only when manipulated artificially could it be presented as human-like. Could Lucy have actually been just a chimp?

Eve on the other hand according to the Bible was created by God on the sixth day of Creation week, when God took a rib from Adam and formed her. Eve became known as the "mother of all living" humans. The first two children of Adam and Eve were Cain and Abel. Then Seth came after Cain murdered Abel. Adam and Eve then produced sons and daughters whose names are not mentioned in the Bible. Adam was created in God's image, not an image of a ape. Man's ancestor Adam was human! Eve was human! Man never evolved from a ape-like creature but was a fully formed adult human being (Genesis 1:26-28),(Genesis 2:7).

There is no such thing as the hominid line of descent,("The hominin line of descent begins in earnest with the australopithecines, a group of species that evolved and diversified in Africa"):("Human Biology" Twelve Edition, page 532 Part VII Human Evolution and Ecology, by Sylvia S. Mader and Michael Windelspecht ), because every man and woman on the face of the earth today are descendants of Adam and Eve. They were perfect until they sinned in the Garden of Eden causing mankind to plunge into this curse that has plagued us from that day (Romans 5:12). It is only through the shed Blood of our Resurrected Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ that we are redeemed for all eternity, when we receive Him by faith as our Lord and Saviour. Amen! (Ephesians 2:8-9),(I Corinthians 15:1-4),(Romans 4:25),(Romans 6:23b),(Romans 10:9-10

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