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EVE: FANFEST Pre-Show Event Begins

EVE FanFest 2014
EVE FanFest 2014
CCP Games

Couldn’t make the trip to Iceland this year? That’s ok, because now you can check out and get a look at the guest speakers who will take stage at Harpa Convention Center and interviews with CCP Guard and CCP Mimic.


· 24 April – Pre-show event

· 1-3 May – Full event coverage

For those with excess PLEX or gaming funds, you can upgrade to HD streaming and earn the in-game “Quafe shirt” for their out of ship avatar.

10 Years of EVE and 100 Newsletter Issues

February 2004, the first ever EVE Online newsletter went out to a whopping 7,250 players. According to EVE Offline, the current Concurrent User record is 65,303.

April Dev Blogs

If you’ve missed any of the Dev Blogs this month, it’s strongly recommended for new or returning pilots to take a look at some of the current and upcoming changes to the world taking place.

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