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Evanston's $18.15 mil HUD Grant Leaves Subcontractors Out

Putting in a window
Putting in a window
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HUD awarded the City of Evanston an $18.15 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 grant to stabilize neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosures and abandoned buildings.

Brinshore Development, LLC and the City worked together to write the grant application. The City awarded Brinshore with a $14.25 million contract to acquire and rehab 100 housing units.

Amazingly, the contract requires only 25% of the subcontracts be designated for minority, women owned and Evanston Based Enterprises (M/W/EBE).

Out of this large pie, the people that need the contracts the most, the contractors in the area being developed are being served a very small slice.

On top of this, RJS Real Estate Services, Brinshore’s real estate arm has exclusive listings on the properties for sale. Properties requiring management will be covered by RJS for 15 years.

Brinshore has been completely unwilling to meet with the subcontractors that will be bidding on these contracts.

The Evanston Minority Business Consortium is rallying at the Lake Street Church of Evanston to organize a protest.

Lake Street Church, 607 Lake Street, Evanston, IL

Saturday, October 9th 3 - 5:30 pm

For information contact:

Bennett Johnson, 847-687-7561

Robin Rue, 847-946-7910

George Lytle,, 847-815-0197

Terry Edlin,, 312-375-1423

Our requests:
1) Meet with businesses in the neighborhoods that the development is trying to stabilize.
2) Raise the contract requirement to at least 50% for M/W/EBE.


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