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Evangelist Kenny Springer comes to Ohio to share message of awakening of faith

Pastor Kenny Springer
Pastor Kenny Springer
Kenny Springer

International Evangelist, Kenny Springer, from McAlester, Oklahoma, comes this week to Ohio to share a message on returning to our faith.

Kenny Springer truly has a heart for souls, to see them saved, healed and made whole. A graduate of Rhema Bible College, he started a ministry in 1998 meeting in a friend’s living room. “There was a family with a woman that was raised Catholic and the husband, was really a non-believer. They just had a desire to know more about God and they invited me, a young Bible school college student, to come to their home and hold meetings on Thursday night. It kept growing and growing and growing, and they gave their heart to the Lord. They brought in their grown children, their coworkers, their neighbors. God would just show up in a wonderful way and that continued for nearly three years,” says Springer.

Obeying the voice of the Lord, Springer ventured across Oklahoma holding tent revivals. “They’re not as popular anymore as they were back then, but we go into some of the farming communities and erect these huge tents and hold meetings for four, five, six weeks. I did that for a number of years and then came to McAlester Oklahoma where I am now and I’ve been pastoring for 12 years. The Lord has really blessed us here; we see a lot of miracles,” says Springer.

Kenny Springer now serves as Senior Pastor at New Beginnings Church in McAllister Oklahoma and Director of Operations for Isaac Television, owned and operated by Springer’s good friend, Pastor Anwar Fazall, owner and CEO of Isaac television and pastor of Pakistan’s largest Christian church with 30,000 members. Through Isaac television, the Gospel of Jesus Christ spreads through 66 countries and reaches more than 4.3 billion people throughout Asia. “We’ve been able to minister in countries that don’t necessarily let us come physically to minister the gospel. We are able to televise or programs in Iran, Syria, Jordan, Turkey,-a lot of the places where there a little more hostile towards the gospel. We are making plans this year to take a second satellite and that will put us in the United States, Mexico and part of Brazil. We’re pretty excited about that! The third phase will cover Europe and Africa within the next three to five years. Our goal is to cover the whole earth with the gospel and were doing our utmost to accomplish that as fast as possible,” shares Kenny. When Pastor Springer held an open-air meeting for 20,000 Muslims in Pakistan, he gave an altar call after speaking and 12,000 Muslims stood up and gave their life to Christ.

In his many travels holding evangelistic meetings, Pastor Springer witnessed many phenomenal miracles and healings including blind eyes opened, deaf ears unstopped and physical ailments instantly removed. He still places great emphasis on the Word of God. “We believe the Bible from cover to cover; that’s our platform-the whole Bible. We are a spirit-filled, believing in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through the Word and through the power of God. The Lord has given us a lot of open doors and avenues to minister,” Springer states.

Kenny Springer brings the message to return to faith today because he senses a strong stirring to awaken people to faith. In other countries he finds the people’s heart turn more to God, believing for greater miracles. “It seems recently that the Lord is sending me to our own people here in the United States because there is just a desperate need in the people. They just don’t know where to go; they know about Christianity, but there are so many people that just don’t know about a relationship with God, so we are really bringing the word out about the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and were seeing a great increase in salvation and people just uniting together under the banner of Jesus Christ,” Springer continues.

Springer believes God is setting the stage to bring back an earlier condition when people believed in the miracles of God. One of the main Scriptures he keeps before the people is Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

“The power of God is not diminished even though our society would like to say that it has, and they like to report that the church is suffering, diminishing, and people are walking away from their faith. There are so many people today that are looking for real faith. They’re looking to the church to see if the church believes what we’re preaching.” As a result, Springer believes that is why he is seeing greater manifestations of God’s power, glory, and healing evidenced in his ministry.

Come meet Pastor Springer as he shares his message to awaken faith at Marysville Aglow, Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 7 PM, 122 North Court St., Marysville, OH. He is also speaking Friday Saturday Sunday at Carmel Christian Center in Plain City Ohio. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see this mighty man of God in person. It's one of those events you just will want to miss.

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