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Evangelism Explosions explosive approach to evangelism

Al Kaidor, Gary Roath and Pastor Les Ray © D.P. Clarke
Al Kaidor, Gary Roath and Pastor Les Ray © D.P. Clarke
Al Kaidor, Gary Roath and Pastor Les Ray © D.P. Clarke

Two thousand years ago Jesus told His followers, “Go and make disciples.” He also said they were to teach the new believers everything He had taught them. One may ask then, is His church today succeeding with these instructions? It’s debatable.

This isn’t to say that many believers aren’t being faithful to fulfill His command. On the other hand, there may be those who want to, but don’t know how. And that may be the point at which present day followers are stumped. How does one go about making disciples and teaching them? Fortunately, Evangelism Explosion International (EE) is a discipleship training ministry designed to help with the task.

In 1962 EE founder, Dr. D. James Kennedy, was discouraged as he watched the church he hoped to plant in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. dwindle in size instead of growing. Despite this seeming failure, he was invited to help with an evangelistic outreach in Scottsdale, Ga. His comment at the time was, "I who had decimated one church was being asked to ship my technique across state lines. Have plague will travel!"

Yet, when fifty-four people came to Jesus in just ten days, the seeds that would become EE were planted. Jim returned to Florida, and his church grew from seventeen to 2,000 in twelve years. After he realized he could no longer do it alone, he made on-the-job witness-training the foundation of EE.

Al Kaidor, Jr., is an EE Implementation Field Worker. As an EE missionary he’s led classes in Argentina, Brazil and Russia, and is currently conducting a 13-week training session at Cocoa First Assembly Church. Al’s enthusiasm for training believers to fulfill the Great Commission is infectious. Working with Al is Gary Roath, an EE instructor at his own church in Deltona, Fla. Among the group preparing to take their final exams is First Assembly’s Pastor Les Ray, who gives a near perfect oral presentation of the EE outreach material.

EE associates like Al partner with lay-leaders like Gary, and pastors like Les, in order to train believers how to reach the lost. This is EEs model for fulfilling the Great Commission, and it is successful. Last year through EE, more than 7.9 million people made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

According to EE, “In early 1996 EE was planted in all nations of the world. Materials have been translated into more than 70 different languages and clinics have been held in many nations. But there is still much work yet to be done developing national leadership and establishing strong, indigenous ministries in every nation.”

EE works with all denominations and has three levels of training available. Curriculums are tailored to fit participant’s discipleship and witnessing goals, including a six-hour mini-session which covers the basics. Go here to find an EE representative in your area, as well as other tools and resources offered by Evangelism Explosion International.

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