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Evangelism and Barry Fey: What if?

Barry Fey was an evangelist. Passionate about his message, always on mission, and ruthless in bringing rock music to Colorado. Fey's regrets are that he "wished he was nicer to people and he regretted not spending time with his family." There is a chapter and a scene in Dicken's Bleak House where a mother is fixated and obsessed with mission work in Africa. The teen daughter who resents the obsession says to a friend, "I wish Africa would hang!" It's a wonder if the Fey children may have felt that way about, "The Who" or "The Rolling Stones." Many homegrown musicians who were opening acts at Feyline throughout the years may have felt that way too. For whatever Fey was strong at bringing Rock and Roll to the Rockies; he was weak at harvesting homegrown talent and original music. Fey was an international promoter who loved Rock and Roll but was unable to care about the home-grown talent that was within ear shot.

Barry Fey
Denver Post file photo


What did Jesus mean by going to all nations and making sure that his followers next assignment is to "go" and communicate the message, "go" and be on mission and to communicate and share his song and music, "go" across the street; or halfway around the world?

46 He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, 47 and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." Luke 24: 46-47

And yet it starts at home. A pastor in Denver this weekend preached about our perpetual assignment as evangelists, "We don't worship the message, but we love and worship he who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might live." "We don't worship the mission trip, but we look to see the motive of God, approach it as Christ did; and do it in power by a filling and a refilling of the Holy Spirit."

Try a little tenderness

Barry Fey leaves a rich legacy that brought a near worshiping experience of Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry to the stages at Red Rocks; Mile High Stadium; and McNichols arena. There was a chance and through his associate Chuck Morris to bring music to an intimate level, but so often Feyline blew it. The Rainbow Music Hall could have been a great listening room and yet with all the great equipment the sound never was enjoyable. Feyline lacked heart and as Fey laments about his lack of "social grace" and his lack of showing compassion and kindness, it came through in too many of the concerts that the Colorado audiences experienced. Yet this is not merely the sad legacy Fey leaves, it is a danger that we all must check at the door.

Ministry, leadership and communications

Evangelism related to the gospel is more about ministry, servant leadership and communications in the community. It is about people, not acts, it's about love, not drugs, sex and Rock and Roll. The message begins at home, the mission carries through beyond, and the music brings prayer and worship to the King of Kings and it empties the soul, our ego, of us and so that in us we become three dimensional. We all have that potential to minister and show kindness to people; lead and to serve one another; and to communicate the life giving message of Christ at home, at work, and to the communities we are called to serve. Barry Fey had the potential and the capacity but was unable to see above the unique platform he was given in Colorado.

Whenever someone of note passes away it seems natural to ask the question: 'What really matters in life?' Many times it is a question that gives us pause. Personally many people loved Barry Fey, he was humorous; he was ruthless and he was the kind of lovable character that sadly was self-serving and yet enjoyable to talk to. His legacy is to take his words and actions and ask, "What if?" God needs more people with the talent and gifts of Barry Fey, who instead of dedicating their life to drugs, sex and rock and roll, instead redirected and used Rock and Roll to influence people by promoting truth at home, at work and throughout the community that he served.

The mission of Ministry of leadership and communications

At Ministry of Leadership and Communications we try to help harvest, coach and re-direct perspective and priority. Through loving correction; challenge, and changing minds and hearts, at home; in business, and in community, our goal is to build a platform to minister, lead and serve and to be better communicators of the Gospel message through study and prayer; building loving and compassionate relationships in living the mission of Jesus Christ; and communicating by reaching out to the community in which you serve. MLC is designed to help coach you in developing your five points of influence including: evangelism; outreach to the least of these; a media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer in planning; and community building. For a consultation from the MLC team please e-mail


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