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Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo - Theatrical Showing Update

Funimation has updated the theatrical showings for EVA 3.0 the English Dub, which is slated to begin this Friday (1/10/14). This on the heels of the announcement that they were delaying the release of the DVD and Bluray versions since the Theatrical release was getting so much positive feedback.

On the one hand, this is disappointing for many fans who were eager to get the 3.33 version in their hot little hands, but seen in a providential light, this is encouraging as it seems to imply that Anime is becoming accepted enough in the States to actually be worth a (albeit limited) big screen release.

Mysteriously absent from the dates are the original Sacramento and Bakersfield showings. The SF dates are still showing, however. This gives Northern California audiences their first real shot at seeing the new English Dubbed version outside of specialty events such as conventions.

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