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Evangelicals and the global warming hoax

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

A Pew Forum survey showed that in 2008 the group that was least likely to believe there was solid evidence for man-made global warming was the evangelicals. They were the least likely to believe Al Gore when he claimed earth was “in the balance.” And even though it appeared that nearly the entire scientific, religious (yet question the authority of the Bible), educational, and political establishment had determined that the global warming science was “settled,” the evangelical stood on the Scriptures (Genesis 9 and Job 38:8-11) and refused to go along with the crowd.

In fact, the stance of the lowly evangelical was the main hindrance to the global warming hoax being used as a justification to form a global government structure which could be used for tyrannical purposes.

Though the science was still disputed--thousands of scientists questioned the proof for man-made global warming--the propaganda power inherent in the cause of “saving the planet” was very tempting by those who wanted to design and construct their utopian world. John Lennon’s dream could finally be birthed! Just “Imagine!” If we recycle, bicycle, and use canvas bags, we could stop New York City from going under water. We could save the polar bear. We could save the rainforests. We could join together and become one because, after all, we’re all interconnected and living under the same ozone layer.

Is it possible that just as in the 17th century, when the intelligentsia of that day all promoted the Ptolemaic geocentric view of the universe because it seemed as though it was the most rational and “settled” science of the day, and it took believers such as Copernicus and Galileo to dispute it, that those who believe in the Scriptures are right again?

Why is it that the group most likely to believe in man-made global warming was the group that said they were unaffiliated with any religion? Perhaps because they have no standard, or “plumb line” of truth, they are easily tossed about by every piece of propaganda that seems reasonable at the time.