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Evander Holyfield's wife requests restraining order!


The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports today that the wife of former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has filed a protective order against her husband.   Allegedly, the incident started when Candi Holyfield, the boxer's third wife, began to discuss why the heat was turned off in their home.  

These are tough economic times.  Countless families are experiencing hardship.  This is true for celebrities and average every day hardworking people, alike.  Financial problems will hurt marriages during this downturn if couples don't talk about it or if one of them chooses to bury their head in the sand.   Holyfield has been experiencing financial woes over the last few years.  He was close to losing his mansion and is reported to have at least eleven children from various women that he has to support financially.     

The boxer was scheduled to challenge Francois Botha  for the WBF title in Uganda later this month, but the match was canceled due to lack of financing.    In the petition filed in Fayette County Superior court, Candi Holyfield accuses her husband of hitting her in the middle of the night and committing violent acts against her in front of their two children. posted the petition for a protective order on their web-site.


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