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Evan Turner to Pacers trade: Indiana Pacers trade Danny Granger for Turner

Evan Turner got traded to the Indiana Pacers.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Evan Turner to Pacers rumors have come true. The Indiana Pacers decided to trade Danny Granger for Turner and Lavoy Allen, adding depth to an already impressive roster. A report from ESPN on Thursday (Feb. 20) has just confirmed that the deal was agreed to by the Philadelphia 76ers. This is a very interesting move by the Pacers, especially since they found a taker for Granger after shopping him around the league for a while.

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All the players involved in this deal have expiring contracts, meaning neither side will have to absorb any future salary to get it done. It's also worth noting that the deal has just been placed in front of the league for approval, so it might be updated later to reveal that a pick or two is shifting sides. If there are no picks going back to Philadelphia, then it raises a few questions about why the team would want to partake in something like this. It's almost like a wash for them in the end.

This Evan Turner to Pacers deal certainly could make Indiana the favorite to win the Eastern Conference now. He is a very talented small forward that will come off the bench for the team and help provide some offense with the second unit. It's still too early to take the two-time defending champion Miami Heat off their throne, but this is a huge move that will certainly shift the balance of power to their side.

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