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Evan Peters: Top 10 OMG moments from 'AHS' seasons 1 to 3

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[WARNING: This article contains spoilers about "American Horror Story," seasons 1 to 3, which aired between October of 2011 and January of 2014.]

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"American Horror Story"" wouldn't be "American Horror Story" if every episode didn't contain several OMG moments, now would it? An abortion doctor stitches together and reanimates a dismembered toddler, a devil-possessed nun commits brutal murder, a serial killer hires a breastfeeding prostitute, a racist's still-alive severed head must endure the miniseries "Roots," and a witch paralyzes others so she can scoop out their eyeballs with a melon-baller. There's no denying, this show GOES THERE.

Actor Evan Peters, fairly unknown before landing his role as Tate Langdon in Murder House, now ranks with the show's more seasoned actors (Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, James Cromwell, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett). Peters impressed all with his sensitive portrayal of the evil Tate, returning as hero Kit Walker for Asylum, and then as Franken-Kyle (Kyle Spencer) for Coven. (Click here for more about Peters as Tate and here for more about Peters as Kit.) This young actor puts his all into his roles, and fans eagerly await confirmation of his return for next fall's season 4.

In his roles thus far, as Tate, Kit and Kyle, Peters inspired a lot of OMGs. So, without further ado, the attached slideshow counts down the top 10 OMG moments for Peters' characters on "AHS."