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Evaluating the value of job websites is important

The internet is a great tool to help Phoenicians find job websites. It can also be the black hole that you could get sucked into for eternity without ever finding a job and just getting a migraine from staring at your computer screen. Depending on your field, there may be very obvious places to look for job websites through keywords. Evaluating which sites work for you will eliminate stress and give you time to do the other activities that are necessary to secure a position.

  • Bigger isn’t always better. Anyone who has searched for a job in the past 5 years knows about the big job websites. In fact, you can’t avoid knowing about them if you watch the Super Bowl – CareerBuilder® and Monster® have been regulars in the traditional new commercial launch pad during the game. Job hunters who think they will automatically find their dream job on the largest websites will need to be prepared to use the systems effectively or spend hours and hours on the web.
  • Keywords and advanced search options are the secret to streamlining your job search. Be careful not to get too specific, though. Putting ‘sustainable, environmental, outside sales’ in the keyword search won’t necessarily give you any results. The best tactic is to put one adjective with the type of job function and see what comes up. Changing out the adjectives will allow you to get a picture of what positions are really out there.
  • Your local government is here to help. In the Phoenix metro area, there may be job websites that the city or state run at OneStop Centers. These are open to the public and provide workshops, job boards, and training for certain specialties. Taking time to visit one of these centers could open up alternative possibilities for your online job search.

Don't forget to use in-person search techniques too, such as job fairs - there is one in Phoenix on Monday:

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