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Eva Mendes: I heart therapy

Today in Good things celebs do, Eva Mendes gets personal about a topic that is often taboo.

The actress reveals her love for therapy, a treasured weekly treat.

The 35 year old says, “It’s great when there’s a person who doesn’t have an emotional connection to your life and does everything to make you feel better.”

"I talk about therapy a lot because I love therapy. It has just enriched my life. I come from a family and a heritage where you don't really go to therapy unless you're crazy. I want people to know that that's so not the case," she tells Interview Magazine.

Mendes also shares a new tool she learned in therapy. "It's very simple. It's called "pause." I use it about four million times a day. Literally, when I feel those little emotions coming up, I just pause," she says.

Mendes is currently filming "Southbound" with Matthew McConaughey, a film about about a boarder patrol officer. She also stars in "Last Night," which is slated for release in April. 

Lara Piu writes a daily newsletter on Good things celebs do and livin'; The Good Life too. She has been an online journalist for Gannett since 2003.