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Eva Longoria reveals Apple privacy issue; store employees took info from profile

Eva Longoria has dealt with privacy issues in the past
Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

Eva Longoria just dented any hopes that the Apple Company had of getting consumers to believe that they are protected with the privacy concerns surrounding all Apple projects. And it only took 45 seconds to shock users of the iPad, iPhone and even the iCloud. According to Access Hollywood on Wednesday, the actress was has issues with privacy concerns as the employees of the stores get her profile details. In one case an employee even called her directly.

Eva Longoria is a sexy woman in Hollywood and there is no doubt that people would want to see compromising pictures, but the star is too smart to be a victim. Apparently, she has already been a victim to the idea of people getting into her email and phone, but it isn’t some international hacker. Nope, allegedly it was an Apple employee. Knowing her information might be compromised, she has hired a team to make sure her privacy is protected.

According to Buzzfeed, her allegation comes just a day after Apple denied there had been an iCloud security breach in relation to the Hollywood naked photo scandal. And it also puts a damper on any damage control that Apple might have done to reflect the privacy concerns of their products.

Eva Longoria has shocked the country with her allegations of privacy issues and what’s worse is that it appears the profile access can be obtained from anywhere. This makes everyone wonder if the hacker who stole pictures from celebrities is an average person or someone who has a connection with profiles to get details not available to the public.

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