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Eva Longoria named Woman of the Year by Nevada Ballet Theatre.

Nevada Ballet Theatre honors Eva Longoria as Woman of the Year at there Black and White Charity Event at Aria Hotel and Casino
Nevada Ballet Theatre honors Eva Longoria as Woman of the Year at there Black and White Charity Event at Aria Hotel and Casino
Photo Credit : Gabe Ginsberg / Vegas Kool

Last weekend, I had the chance to attend a Red Carpet for the Nevada Ballet Theatre. The Nevada Ballet Theatre was holding their annual fundraising gala at the ARIA Resort and Casino. It was a Black and White themed event, which seems to be a growing trend in Las Vegas.

Eva Longoria hangs out with the Las Vegas Press
Photo Credit : Gabe Ginsberg / Vegas Kool

This year they were honoring Eva Longoria as “Woman of the Year.” As I waited for the red carpet to begin, I noticed the crowds of people coming out to support the Nevada Ballet Theatre. It is great to see so many people supporting the arts.

A dancer from the Nevada Ballet Theatre was standing near the red carpet. She was dressed as if she had just come from a performance. The dancer, named Sarah Fuhrman, agreed to stand on the carpet and pose for the photographers. Ms. Fuhrman never broke character as she posed with grace and style.

Just as the ballet dancer stepped off the carpet, up walks Matt Goss. Mr. Goss is the headliner of the Gossy Room at Caesars Palace. Matt posed for a few shots by himself, and then invited Sarah Fuhrman back onto the carpet. After all, this entire event was for the Nevada Ballet.

The next person on the carpet, Robin Antin, is no stranger to dance herself. Robin is the creator of the “Pussycat Dolls,” as well as the choreographer and producer for Matt Goss’s show at Caesars Palace.

A Jersey Boy was the next up on the carpet. Rick Faugno, the original Frankie Valli in “Jersey Boys,” walked the carpet with his Broadway-performing wife, Joyce Chittick. Rick is currently doing his own show at the Palms Lounge.

A murmur went through the crowd as Holly Madison, star of Holly’s World and PEEPSHOW at Planet Hollywood, showed up. Holly posed for the photographers, and then asked Sarah Fuhrman back on the carpet, to pose with her for more photos.

Chet Buchanan, the Morning Show DJ for KLUC, was the presenter of the evening. Apparently, Chet convinced Robin Leach that they should walk the carpet together. Before I had a chance to snap a photo, they were done. Chet and Robin then teased the photographers afterwards.

It is always nice to have some comedy on the carpet. It keeps everyone smiling and in a good mood while waiting. The photographers didn’t have to wait very long, as the next couple came to walk the carpet.

Leigh Zimmerman is a Broadway Singer and Actress. Leigh, who has also guest starred on CBS’s “Numb3rs” and “Person of Interest,” showed up with her rock star husband, Dominick Allen. Dominick was formerly the lead singer of “Foreigner.”

Don’t be fooled by stereotypes, the ballet has fans and supporters from all walks of life. This was proved true as UFC fighter Frank Mir and his wife Jennifer arrive at the Black & White Ball. It’s no surprise that fellow athletes proudly support the Nevada Ballet Theatre.

The crowd swelled around the photographers as Eva Longoria, Nevada Ballet Theatre’s “Woman Of The Year,” made her way onto the red carpet. The photographers greedily snapped photos of Ms. Longoria as she posed elegantly on the carpet.

The photographers packed up and began to leave. I happened to hang out for a little bit, talking to some of the local media personalities. That’s when two ladies walked up with some puppies. The two Lhasa Apso puppies the ladies were carrying were from a non-profit animal rescue named A Home 4 Spot, and were to be auctioned off to new homes to benefit the Nevada Ballet. Ms. Longoria looked like a kid in a candy store as she held the cute puppies. Eva even walked back onto the carpet to get some personal photos with one of the puppies.

What a great ending to a fun carpet. Money was being raised to support the Nevada Ballet Theatre; A Home 4 Spot was finding homes for their puppies. Eva Longoria might be getting a new puppy. Best of all, I got some photos for you!

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