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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker 'do lunch'

Eva and Tony meet for lunch
Eva and Tony meet for lunch
Mathew Imaging/Wire

Is it a sign of an impending reconciliation?

Nope, just a soon-to-be divorced couple (and good looking one at that) having a "civilized" lunch to hammer out the details of their divorce.

"I'll have a salad with a house on the side"

Though the "Desperate Housewives" starlet and Tony Parker met at an LA-area hotel and shared a lunch, a source close to the couple assured US Magazine, "They are not reconciling. It was just a friendly lunch to work out the details of the divorce."

As was previously reported, on November 17th, Longoria Parker, 35, filed for divorce just one day after US Weekly broke the news that Tony, 28, had been sending hundreds of steamy text messages to mutual pal, Erin Barry (who also happens to be married...but soon divorcing, Parker's former NBA teammate, Brent Barry.)

Hhhmmm...guess it could be said that Erin took a couple..."for the team!"

Anyhoo, being the classy lady that she is and despite her heartbreak, Eva is determined to keep the mess that is the end of her marriage from becoming a three ring circus. She and Tony are committed to ending their union with dignity.

"I feel so bad for her," said Lisa M of Cincinnati. "She seemed so in love with Tony and ready to start a family. What a jerk."

Cincinnati: Do you think Eva and Tony should give their marriage another chance?

Source: US Magazine Online


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