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Eva Green racy 'Sin City 2' poster banned by MPAA

Eva Green is too racy looking in her new character poster for "Sin City 2." The MPAA has banned the new poster for the film because it is just too sexy. Eva Green is one of the new arrivals to the film for this sequel to the popular "Sin City" released back in 2005. Web Pro News reported on the banning of this poster on June 2. Eva Green will star as Ava Lord in the new film.

"Sin City 2" is a film that some thought would never reach the big screen. Those involved with the film promised a sequel following the release of the first film in 2005, but it took nine years for the film to be made. The sequel is set for release later this summer, and the film has brought back much of the original cast. This includes Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson.

The Eva Green poster is just one of six character posters released for this film. Posters for Alba and Dawson were also released. The remaining posters are for the male stars of the film. The male cast includes Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Mickey Rourke. Why did the MPAA ban this poster? According to a statement shared by The Huffington Post, the poster showed the "curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown."

The Weinstein Company quickly alerted the press about the banning of the poster by sharing the news on the film's official Facebook account. The poster will be released though. A deal is being worked out by the MPAA and The Weinstein Company that will allow the poster's release. It isn't clear at this time what that deal will consist of. It might mean slightly altering the poster to be more appropriate for all audiences.

"Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" is definitely a film that has a cult audience that has been waiting a long time for the return of the franchise to the big screen. Robert Rodriguez has kept busy since the release of the first "Sin City." With two "Machete" films released in recent years, fans always kept asking for the status of "Sin City 2." At times, it looked like the film would never end up being made. Throughout the years, casting and script teasers only kept fans on the edge of their seats waiting.

This new controversy over the film might be considered free advertising for the film. The "Sin City" franchise is known for being sexy, violent, and out there. This poster has the sexy and out there quality down. Is it too sexy though? The MPAA certainly thinks so. Eva Green is not an actress to shy away from showing off some skin. She has appeared in several of her films over the years. She is not nude in this poster, but she is definitely a little more scantily clad. That is not seen in most movie posters.

What do you think? Is this poster a bit too risque for posting outside your local movie theater? Do you plan to see "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" when it is released in August? Share your thoughts below.

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