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Euthanized my cat

I am painfully writing this article to inform my readers that it may be a little while before I can look up information and get another article written.  On Thursday I had to have my beloved cat, Cash, put to sleep for FLUTD and early stages of kidney failure.  He was in too much pain for me to bear seeing him suffer through treatments that may not be able to save his life.  Even while on Valium he was hurting so much he couldn't walk.  A harsh reality that I never wanted to face, but his time had come and I can only hope me and my husband were able to show him a good life from the time we saved him when he was a kitten.  He was put to sleep in his favorite position, lying on his back, back legs sprawled open, just the way he loved to lay around in the house.

In loving memory, "Cash, I will never forget you, you are the best cat I have ever had."


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