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Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst Blamed For Balkan Floods By Church Leaders

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst is being blamed for Balkan floods
Photo by Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images

In another little sign that perhaps the more conservative church leaders of our times are not all that clued in we now have the claim that the devastating floods in the Balkans are the result of Chonchita Wurst winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Apparently a bloke with a beard wearing a dress makes it rain rather more or something. But then some areas of the Balkans are rather more conservative than we might be comfortable with ourselves, this is true.

In more detail, the Montenegro Patriarch Amfilohije has said that the floods are not a coincidence, they are a warning. The floods are devastating, they have forced more than 150,000 people from their homes. But to think, as the Patriarch does, that they are a warning from God that people should not joining the wild side is taking God's potential interest in a singing competition perhaps a little too far.

Church leaders in the Balkans have blamed bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst for devastating floods that killed 50 people this month. The Austrian singer, whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, shot to international fame after claiming victory in Eurovision 2014. But since then, a number of church leaders have said floods that forced 150,000 people from their homes across the Balkans and claimed the lives of dozens of people, was ‘divine punishment’ for the star’s win.

However, the real problem with this claim of divine intervention is that there were devastating floods in Central Europe last year. The Elbe and several other rivers burst their banks all the way from Prague right down and through into Lower Germany and Hamburg. Hundreds of thousands were forced from their homes in this event. And yet there was no bearded man in a dress winning the Eurovision last year.

Perhaps it's just the existence of Eurovision itself that God is objecting to?

Or, you know, perhaps the conservatively religious are a little more out of touch than most people already think they are?

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