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European Grand Prix: Mercedes fail to impress, Rosberg describes it a 'poor weekend from us all'



  • Raj 6 years ago

    Hey schumi dont loose u r confidence man . Show all the world
    that what talent u have man. Belive in god
    he will definetly good for u it is bad time for us dont nervous forget everything and star newly . Ok remember u r victories ur 2004s performance no any driver fast than u . and win remaining races and give good news to ur fan in europian g.p . u have no need to take early pit stop that time u was in 3 position so dont take early pit stops change u r staatergy succes is standing infront of u ok take care and BEST OF LUCK
    if u get time so provide me ur email id i like to spek with u
    contact me on please
    u r indian fan RAJ

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