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European Gateways Outside the EU

Flying to Europe is an extraordinary experience, especially for culture’s lovers. Once in the old continent, there are so many places to visit and explore, that time is never enough to see it all.

Cape Verde View

Also, once in Europe it is easy to flight and visit other countries that are not listed as Europeans, but still well known and frequented by European travelers.


Turkey is very close to Europe and it is technically attached to it through Greece and Bulgaria. It is a dominant muslim country and works as a bridge between the Islamic culture and the European tradition. The best places to visit in Turkey are located on the West Coast.


Cyprus is a small island in the East part of the Mediterranean sea. It is unfortunately the scenario of some political issues at the moment, but is a real heaven for beach lovers.

Cape Verde

This archipelagos of islands is located on the west side of the African continent. It is famous for the color of the sand and the variety of nature.

Sharm el Sheik

It is a vacation place located right on the coat of the Red Sea in Egypt. It is very popular between snorkeling lovers because it offers an escape on the reef bay.

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