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European floral design class Introductory Program still costs less than $100

For those who love flowers and have interest in learning flower arrangement, Introductory Trial Budget Program offered by California Flower Art Academy is very good. Many people must be wondering which floral design school they should join or from which flower arrangement instructor they should learn floral designs.

European floral designs
European floral designs
California Flower Art Academy
floral centerpiece
California Flower Art Academy

This is quite understandable if they have no experience in taking actual lessons at a school they have in their mind or they have no idea about the talent and ability of instructor from whom they are planning to learn flower arrangements. By joining Introductory Program designed for European floral arrangement offered by California Flower Art Academy, prospective students can evaluate the quality of lessons and at the same time they come to know how to actually teach students at a classroom.

After taking a lesson of this Trial Program, they can make a decision if or not they should sign up for the official course such as Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course. If they do not find the lesson of Introductory Program interesting or if they do not feel motivated to continue taking lessons at California Flower Art Academy, they can stop learning floral designs without joining the official course. It is fully up to students which way they should go.

In a sense the school started offering this program to help students minimize a risk of choosing “WRONG” school by checking the quality of lesson and the way lesson is done. While this program has been supported by many prospective students, the cost of so many thing such as flowers, gas, monthly rent of classroom etc. etc. has been raised in the past 20 years, the school is obliged to announce the raise of lesson fee for this program.

The new lesson fee still remains less than $100. Considering that students can learn 2 designs spending about 2.5 hours from a well experienced instructor, the lesson fee should be considered very affordable. This lesson fee covers not only tuition but also flower materials, floral foam (“Oasis”) and a container as well. No hidden cost at all, which must be quite attractive to prospective students. Furthermore, lessons will be done based on a very small group class system where the typical number of students is 3-4 per class (no more than 6 per class/instructor).

If you would like to earn practical skill of floral designing, regardless of your purpose, California Flower Art Academy can help. You can pick up your most favorite course from a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS by well considering your budget, purpose, taste and goal for learning flower arrangement. Our hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions will greatly help you earn practical skills easily and quickly. For more information, feel free to contact We help you make a difference in floral art.