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Europe has hit the States.

Fake Leather Jacket at Target
Fake Leather Jacket at Target

When I lived in Spain for a year, the attire to wear was a leather jacket, skinny jeans and boots. In every Zara, Berska and all other stores, the first items customers sees is the leather jacket. All year round, these jackets can be found in every color, size, style and price. Now that I am back in the states, I have started to realize how this fashion trend is hitting the racks hard. From Target to Express to Forevor 21, the fake leather jacket is setting standards. Personally, I have three but I purchased them all in Spain. One in blue, dark brown and black. However when I was browsing the selection in Target I was almost convinved to buy another. And it was only $40. In my opinion, they don't keep you very warm but they are stylish. So, do you suffer by shivering while looking good, or just wear that oversized hoodie?

Your call!