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Europe can no longer ignore crisis in Ukraine

Europe has, with the exception of only a slap on the wrists, essentially looked the other way as pro Russian rebels have plagued Ukraine. Those rebels have brought the conflict back to the forefront by presumably shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight 71 Thursday.

“It’s not localized,” said US President Obama Friday concerning the downing of MH17 and the killing of over 200 Europeans.

Rebels control the crime scene at the moment. World media show villagers, rebels, emergency workers and even journalists walking amid plane parts and body parts left burning in the rubble. Local villagers reported bodies literally falling from the sky. Luggage, pet carcasses, body parts and plane parts are strewn across several miles of Eastern Ukraine, just miles before the Russian border.

While the crime scene itself has been contaminated, the rebels are, at the very least, allowing the bodies and body parts to be collected and laid in body bags. However, according to Christopher Miller, editor at Kiev Post who tweets @ChristopherJM, the bags are simply being picked out of the fields and wreckage and thrown in bags along the roadside.

BBC is reporting that the rebels are restricting access to an OSCE team again today. BBC’s Will Vernon, tweeting @BBCWillVernon, also confirms bodies are collected and thrown, in bags, along the roadside.

Meanwhile, fighting continues in the area. Adding to the confusion, pro Russian rebel leader Igor Girkin was quoted in the Daily Mail as stating that the bodies on MH17 are “not fresh.” He implies that the passengers were dead before the missile struck the plane.

The flight, which left Amsterdam with 298 souls on board, was headed for Kuala Lumpur when it was struck by a missile by pro Russian rebels. On the flight were men, women, children and three infants. In addition, AIDS researchers and advocates were on board headed to Australia.

There was, according to the Malaysian Airlines, 192 citizens of the Netherlands on board. One of those people, a young man, held a dual citizenship with the US. There were 44 Malaysian citizens. Of those 44, 15 were crew members and two were infants. Twelve people, including the third infant, were from Indonesia. Ten people were from the UK. One of whom held a dual citizenship with South Africa. There were 27 Australians, four Germans, four from Belgium, three from the Philippines, one Canadian, and one from New Zealand.

The conflict in Ukraine has been escalating since Russian President Vladimir Putin led the hostile uprising in Crimea. Putin had the audacity on Thursday to state that this incident was Ukraine’s fault since there was not peace in the country.

The plane was a Boeing 777, similar to that of the still-missing Malaysian flight that went missing on 8 March.

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