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Euromaiden a voice for Ukraine

Euromaidan a voice for Ukraine
Euromaidan a voice for Ukraine
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

A leading hashtag trender on Twittter, the name Euromaidan has come to signify a rallying call of attention to Ukranian political advocacy.

The term originating from the wordEurope and Maidan has put a name to the Ukranian protest movement ignited shortly after President Yunokovch suspended an agreement that would lead to integration within the European Union. Many observers believe that President Viktor Yanukovich backed away from the agreement due to increased pressure from Russian President Vladmir Putin.

The announcement sparked protests that came only hours after the president's announcement in late November of last year. The first of many protests took place in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) , which is in the center of Ukraine's capital of Kiev.

Additional protests have spread throughout the country uniting many Ukranians much like the 2004 Orange Revolution which erupted in protests after a run-off election was perceived as unfair and corrupt.

Euromaidan has been significant in bringing awareness to the cause and organizing large demonstrations throughout the country. The term is yet another example of how technology is changing the political landscape for global citizens and advocacy.