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EunB accident: Ladies' Code singer EunB is dead, Rise critical in tragedy

EunB, singer from Ladies' Code, a Korean pop group, is dead from tragic accident today.
EunB, singer from Ladies' Code, a Korean pop group, is dead from tragic accident today.

A tragic accident has taken the life of the 21-year-old singer EunB, who is a member of the popular Korean group Ladies’Code. EunB and her all-girl’s group was riding in a van on their way to Seoul on Wednesday when the vehicle lost its back wheel, according to E Online on Sept. 3.

EunB lost her life in this accident and two other members of the Ladies' Code group were hurt. Rise is in critical condition and SoJung is hospitalized with injuries, but her condition has not been released. The others in the band escaped with minor injuries, which includes Ashley, Zuny and some of their entourage, reports the Metro U.K. today.

It was about 1:30 a.m. local time when the back wheel came off of the van the group was riding in on a rainy night. The roads were wet and slick, causing the vehicle to spin several times once the wheel flew off the van. The vehicle spun out of control and went through a guardrail.

Rise is in intensive care after 11 hours of emergency surgery. She didn’t fare well through the surgery so the doctor’s decided to stop operating on the singer for her severe head injury. One report claims her blood pressure was too low and the doctors had to end the surgery earlier than they had planned.

Ladies Code is a popular South Korean pop group and the sadness over the loss of EunB is seen all over Twitter as fans have expressed their condolences. It is not known how Rise has fared after her surgery, but she is being monitored around the clock, according to the Korean Herald today.