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Eulogy for a Grand Old Party

Choosing power over principals every time Thad Cochran
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As evidenced in the victory of Sen. Thad Cochran (R) the two party system in America is dead, RIP. The counter to the Democrat big government, big spending, and giveaways is no longer a viable alternative. After a good run of 160 years the Republican Party has now become Democrat lite. Voters are left with the choice of boarding the Democrat express to destruction or the Republican local.

For those who are not political junkies an autopsy of the victim is in order. In the state of Mississippi Thad Cochran faced his toughest challenge to his 36 year reign in Washington. Not from a Democrat but from members of his own party. On June third he faced a three way runoff against T. Corey, Chris McDaniel and himself. When the 313,483 votes were counted he lost by 2,000 votes but neither Cochran nor McDaniel received the required 50% to seal the deal. The sequel was played out Tuesday in a second primary.(First Primary)

Thad, his supporters and the leaders of the Republican Party saw an imminent defeat based upon the original runoff. Defeat despite both moral and financial support from Michael Bloomberg, The Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove and John McCain. It looked like the Tea Party message of smaller government, less spending and accountability would take the day. With this is mind Thad Cochran decided to reach across the aisle and borrow enough Democrat voters to pull him across the finish line. Using his new found war chest funds he began a campaign of GOTD (get out the democrats). Mississippi is one of twenty states with open primaries. So if you didn’t vote for bigger government in the Democrat primary you could vote for it in the Republican one.

By the time the polls closed 61,517 additional voters took part giving him a close but safe 6,300 margin of victory. (Second Primary)But at what cost? Karl Rove and company would tell you that only Cochran is electable. Paraphrasing the same thing they said about McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Only time and November’s election will tell if exchanging principals for votes is a winning strategy. How many of these borrowed ballots will vote Democrat lite?

It is telling that the death of the GOP comes from a deep southern state like Mississippi. Their predecessor the Wig party collapsed under the weight of radicals who wanted to end the southern institution of slavery. In support of their principals they formed the Republican Party and elected their first presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln. It would seem Republicans are following the political adage “going the way of the Wigs”.

This means this November Thad Cochran will run against a real Democrat, T. Childers. He will have to explain to the voters eager for change what he has accomplished in Washington since 1978. To win he will have to explain to conservatives why he had to rely on Democrats to keep his seat. He will have to explain to the nation as this race heats up what he meant when he said he did “indecent things with animals”. (Animal Farm) Conservatives whether they vote for him or not know by courting Democrats he just screwed the pooch.

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