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Eugene to be spared latest round of Polar Vortex cold air blast

Eugene, Ore. to be spared of latest Polar Vortex blast.
Eugene, Ore. to be spared of latest Polar Vortex blast.
U.S. News/NOAA.

Much to the relief of a still recovering Western Oregon, while 75% of the Continental U.S. will most likely experience below normal temperatures in the week ahead, Eugene, Lane County will be spared sub-freezing temperatures.

Looking to the NOAA air current map, we find that much of Washington State and Eastern Oregon falling under the influence of the latest round of Polar Vortex weather patterns. Eugene, the Willamette Valley and the coastal regions of Lane County will continue to experience rain in the week ahead; with relatively seasonal temperatures predicted by Weather Chanel meteorologist.

Driving through West Lane County, Loraine and Crow Valley watershed, we note countless downed or damaged tree limbs as the result of early February's Polar Vortex produced record snow and ice storm.

Regional flooding caused by exceptional rainfall combined with an accelerated snow-melt has left the ground saturated. In speaking with Chris and Erin Sarver of Sarver Winery, I'm reminded of the impact that weather has on the local business and farming community.

According to Sarver and other area business people interviewed, February 2014 is one of the worst business months in recent memory.And, according to Chris, the slow-down is weather related. Chris has a 1/2 mile gravel driveway to his tasting room, for much of February it was rendered impassable by ice and snow.

For the Sarvers and others that depend on predictable seasonal weather conditions for farm practices and public access to their business's, another Polar Vortex weather pattern would prove to be costly both in the short and long-term.

According to NOAA: Eugene , Ore. and vicinity has less than a 33% chance of experiencing below average temperatures in the coming week. Good news for for Western Oregon.

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