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Eucharistic adoration, Catholic liturgy and meeting other Catholic single people - It's all there !

St. Clements Shrine, Boston
St. Clements Shrine, Boston
St. Clements Shrine

Saint Clements Eucharistic Shrine,, located at 1105 Boylston Street in Boston is run by the Oblates of the Virgin Mary,   The Oblates have a seminary attached to the Church, but they also have a  host of activities for  lay Catholics: two daily Masses (7 am and 12:10 pm), perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, scripture classes, catechism, and a young adults group which is popular with some of the nearby universities and colleges like Northeastern and Berkley College of Music just down the street.  

Whether you are visiting Boston and would like to find an oasis of peace in the midst of city life or a student at a nearby college who seeks christian fellowship, this Catholic community is close to the top of my list of recommendations in Boston proper.   I will never forget my first visit to this church.   The priest who said the Mass was so recollected, so prayerful and reverent that it made me pause and look up and say "whoa !  This is really a place of peace and prayer !"   

A special recommendation goes out to single Catholics.  Like minded people seek the same good. Never dismiss these communities as potential sources of opportunity for finding your future husband or wife.  There's a self-selective filtering going on here.  Anyone who takes their faith and worship life this serious may have what it takes to be a good spouse.  Obviously not a guarantee.  As President Reagan said "Trust, but Verify." So I would advise any young person within range of this community to check out St. Clement's Shrine.  God may be calling you there for reasons you can't even imagine!