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Etsy SEO for crafters

SEO tips for crafters - learn better selling on Etsy.
SEO tips for crafters - learn better selling on Etsy.
T.M. Spaulding-Moore

In deciding on a first article, it made sense to consider a new segment with a real interest in internet marketing. One that is often overlooked, but with the potential to become quite profitable. Now, this group of DIY marketers isn't your average small business owner. Most don't have brick and mortar storefronts or any staff at hand. They do have one big advantage in their niche marketplace, however, and that is creativity. Here, we'll cover the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for crafters selling on Etsy.

Do some homework

Whether you already have a shop on, or you're planning to open one soon, it's certain that some amount of homework will equip any crafter with improved knowledge of their unique niche, value, and target audience. Define your competitors, look at how they present their image, and understand where your audience is hanging out online. Don't be afraid to try some of the advanced tools offered to marketers by Google.

The Google Keyword Planner will help you to understand what phrases people use when searching for your wares. Use this as an informative brainstorming tool by selecting the, "Get search volume for a list of keywords..." function and begin typing ideas of keyword phrases. Next, click the, "Get search volume," link and wait for the screen to refresh displaying resulting matches along with average monthly searches and each phrase's competition. If there are no results, don't choose this as a primary keyword. Zero results in the keyword planner means that people are simply not searching for such a term. Continue through this process until there are enough to make a list of 10-15 really good keyword phrases with promising search traffic potential and low competition. Weave these modestly and naturally into every piece of online content developed.

Get involved in more than just Facebook or Etsy

Today, there are a great number of popular social networks. Many people already engage in such networks personally, but don't always think to connect business presence at the same level. Create a profile on every major social media platform available. Then, work to push out content and discussion participation one all chosen networks. It's possible to automate some of this by connecting a Twitter account to a corresponding Facebook account. Crafty marketers can even integrate Pinterest right on their Facebook business page using the Tabs feature. Try to keep up an active profile on the following for the biggest SEO boost:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Google Local

Many successful Etsy shops also have a blog, which is used to provide meaningful and interesting content to target audiences while also driving more traffic to the targeted online shop.

Continue networking with other crafters

Become an active participant in relevant online galleries, communities, and forums. Share links to websites, blogs, and Etsy shops right on the profile signature. Share great finds and useful information that's related to your craft on compatible social media networks. Cross-over when it makes sense and pin a favorite forum gallery page to a Pinterest pin board. Continue weaving in the high potential keywords from the initial homework and work this into social engagement. Create pin boards in Pinterest that include some prime keywords, then spend some time pinning relevant content to each. Develop a diverse mixture of useful community re-pins and some specially designed business pins highlighting material right from a website or blog that needs promotion. Incorporate hashtags into pins and social commenting that includes some of the targeted keywords.

The harder a crafter works to reach out to their online audience the more awareness they are likely to gain. Dive into social media participation head first and you're certain to increase the overall audience reach for your niche market. The more you work to publish consistent and regular postings, sharing content, and other forms of engagement on social networks the greater your following will become.

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