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Ethnicity is always flavored with regional culture

Detroit is truly a blend of ethnic cultures. With large populations of Europeans, Middle Easterners, South Asians, Africans, African-Americans and Hispanics among others the metropolitan area flourishes with diversity. Too many Michiganders stereotype these ethnic groups without regard to the regional cultures that impact each individual beyond the simple ethnic heritage.

Ethnicity is always flavored with regional culture.
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Ethnicity is a born component of the content of our character but a regional culture is a life experience culture because of the transient nature of society. Therefore regional cultural traits are picked up originally from our parents and then modified or added to as we move from one region to another.

The most common regional culture is one's nationality. People share experiences and learn to react in certain ways based on their nation. Overlay that with state or provincial cultures and you begin to see the complexity of this cultural distinction.

Regional cultures do not necessarily recognize borders. For example, there is a culture that permeates throughout the western United States not bound by any state borders.

Max Impact of Rochester Hills offers a fun way to test your knowledge of regional cultures. On their website you will find three complementary quizzes offering a real or hypothetical situation in which cultural norms apply. One looks at the marketing faux pas’s of major corporations, one looks at mistakes have been made by leaders in the business world and the third is more about general cultural characteristics. There is no charge to take these quizzes nor is there any need to provide personal information that will result in a sales call later.

Resources on the web:

  • Culture Bridges are a look at the contents of the character within each of us. Information is contained on more than 20 different categories of culture.
  • Cultural Faux Pas and Culture Quizzes are interesting quizzes to test your diversity knowledge.
  • Max Impact offers free leadership training and development materials

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