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Ethics, integrity and character as a Bay Area business owner

Ethics, integrity and character are all important as a business owner. When and how you apply these behaviors can greatly affect your business. Are you aware of how you communicate with your customers both internally and externally? It is always important to pay close attention to your ethics, integrity and character behavior patterns.


As a business owner in the Bay Area you are faced with several challenges especially with the crippling economy. How these challenges are handled will show your ethical behavior, as it expands into your business, as well as, your personal life. Your character is always important, whether done in secret or in public. How you handle your ethical business practices create a trend that can either strengthen or weaken your business.

In life as in your business you meet several people. Our world is small and paths do cross either directly or indirectly. You may not personally cross paths again with the president of the bank that you met recently but you may meet someone in their family. Do you only concentrate on those people that can help advance your interests or do you get acquainted with as many people as you can?

A smile or kind word goes a long way. Be aware of how you treat those that cross your path because you never know when it may come back to help or haunt you. Six degrees of separation is what separates us from success.


When faced with an obstacle, how do you handle it? Obstacles can strengthen a person’s character depending upon how you deal with it. Afer every obstacle ask yourself what have you learned? Did you compromise or did you maintain your integrity? Each approach to an obstacle causes a paradigm shift to another level. Everyday life conditions establish our values while disaster transforms them.


Your character tells who you are, what makes you tick and what is important to you. Patience is a virtue; it speaks to your character. Being impatient can cause you to react improperly at times. Albert Einstein says ‘Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.’ It must be believed that your character mean everything to your business.

If we learn to not only focus on our business services and our profit margin but also focus on our ethics, integrity and character we can enhance our business efforts in several ways. What are your thoughts about this topic? What other similar topics interest you? Subscribe to my page. Tell others. Contact Vernita Naylor


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