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Ethel M Chocolates offering sweet deals for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day special edition heart chocolates from Ethel M
Valentine's Day special edition heart chocolates from Ethel M
Ethel M Chocolates

Las Vegas Chocolatier Ethel M is offering up some great gift ideas for a great price. To help you pick the best chocolate gift for your beloved, Ethel M Chocolates has created a gift guide based on the recipients personality.

"We've been crafting premium, preservative-free chocolates for over 30 years," explains Jessica Ruttman, marketing manager at Ethel M® Chocolates. "We offer gourmet collections for every Valentine: from spouses and friends to family and coworkers. To help consumers decide what to give their Valentines, we've created a list of seven personality traits that align with different types of chocolate."

If you have more than 500 Facebook friends you are a “Social Star” and deserve a box of Unique Ethel M colorful chocolate hearts. These limited edition chocolate hearts come in six seasonal colors; light pink, vibrant pink, lavender, purple, red and white. Each color is a different flavor and they are hand sprayed with cocoa butter, $26 to $95. For the problem solver, select the tried-and-true favorites in the Valentine 3 Bar Set. It includes three solid chocolate gourmet bars in milk, dark and white chocolate, $9. To see all the personality traits and recommendations, visit

Save 20 percent off orders of $50 or more with discount code HEARTBOX14, now through Feb.15. Ethel M Chocolates are available online and in five locations throughout Las Vegas.