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Ethanol fuels Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014

Ethanol fuels Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014
Ethanol fuels Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The half-million or so motorcyclists attending the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August will have the chance to test high-octane, low-cost ethanol.

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has partnered with the Sturgis Buffalo Chip campground to promote ethanol on the campground’s jumbotron and in a trailer packed with information.

It’s part of an on-going effort to dispel what campground official Rod Woodruff describes as “misinformation” about the use of ethanol in motorcycles.

RFA official Robert White also will be on hand to show off his own flex-fuel Harley and promote the advantages of ethanol.
Sturgis, he says, gives RFA the chance to educate motorcycle owners about the proper use of ethanol. “We want riders to know that E10 is warranted by all motorcycle manufacturers and safe to use in their bikes. E15, on the other hand, is approved only for flex-fuel vehicles and vehicles 2001 and newer, and should not be used in motorcycle engines.”

Of course, there are giveaways. Riders are getting free koozies and special 2014 Sturgis t-shirts that promote the RFA message of “Ride Safe, Fuel Right”.

There’s also the chance to win a free tank of E10 93-octane fuel, at what’s called Free Fuel Happy Hours. The weeklong Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is in Sturgis, South Dakota, is August 4-10.

For more information on ethanol and higher level ethanol blends for cars, trucks and motorcycles, visit the Choose Ethanol website. It’s a quick look at how ethanol is made, and how it lowers gas prices and furthers America’s energy security.

Some things I found fascinating on the website:

Ethanol has been used in automobiles since Henry Ford designed his 1908 Model T to operate on pure ethanol.

96% of all gasoline sold in the U.S. is blended with some percentage of ethanol.

All cars manufactured after 1980 can use up to a 10% ethanol blend. That includes everything from your trusty family sedan or SUV to the Ferrari on your wishlist.

Always drive safely, whether you are on a Harley-Davidson or something with four wheels.

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