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Eternum Nocturne released

The new Legendary skin, Eternum Nocturne
The new Legendary skin, Eternum Nocturne
Riot Games

Nocturne is receiving a brand new skin, complete with redone voice, animations, and spell effects. Eternum Nocturne brings his own brand of death and destruction to the Fields of Justice. This new Legendary skin blends the shadowy assassin with the cold steel of weaponry and creates something new, something bold, and something ready to slay any enemy that you point it in.

As a Legendary skin, this one will cost you 1820 RP, but if you're a Nocturne main - or if you just really enjoy the thought of being a glowing, red, metallic beast emerging from the brush to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies - you might want to pick this skin up, as quickly as possible!