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Eternity's Healing Light

Eternitys Healing Light: “Wellbeing and health are products of the Light called forth into your life …”
Eternitys Healing Light: “Wellbeing and health are products of the Light called forth into your life …”
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery, used with permission.

In Greek and Roman philosophy the gifts of healing and light were qualities also considered essential aspects of culture and civilization. The brightest side of mind was reflected in the many prophecies that shown like rays of light the full spectrum of spiritual teachings: “Wellbeing and health are products of the Light called forth into your life …”

Light’s infinite and sacred potential exists with God as an expression of Oneness of All. In order for this light to manifest in the physical; it requires partnership with spiritual beings having a human experience on earth. The sustained frequency of this Light is healing because it raises the energetic and physical vibration of all it encounters.

Spiritual light exists as a wave form and a vibration. As there is transformation, so there is more radiant light in expression. Faith and action need to be kept in balance and come into play, for example, when babies are born, at the start of new relationships, spring blossoming out of winter’s quiet solitude. All follow the natural laws of growing toward perfection. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Gentle Lessons. There are two ways of helping oneself – indirect and direct forms of healing practices - as suggested by Self-Realization Fellowship:

  • Indirect forms of healing (such as acupuncture, chiropractic, medicines, nutritional care, breathe work) are curative methods to stimulate cells/ tissues and relieve congestion, so that life energy is indirectly induced to return and resume its work of maintenance and repair.
  • Direct forms of healing (affirmations, will, faith, reason, prayer, meditation) solve the problems of disharmony through harnessing the will to direct movement of actually vibrating life energy to restore its healthy flow, as the body is viewed to be mainly energy that exists in many dimensions of reality.

Despite the benefits of retaining and radiating this light, the direct forms of healing often present emotions and/or situations one has been previously unwilling or unable to face. The clearing process itself can be challenging: Often described as happening in waves (build, crest, and subside); the other side of this type of healing is flowing sensations of light, hope and new possibilities.

A Spotless Mind. The direct healing is accomplished through faith and trust in God, along with the wiliness to pray and meditate. How is this spiritual light attained and the flow sustained during daily life? It takes a spotless mind, with respect for all life. There is simplicity, with inherent power, when one takes the time to think. Really, this is a process of remembering how to listen in the silence, until ignition occurs from the core of being.

Each soul brightly shines its gifts in unique and important ways. The privilege is to discover this special light within as, “The flowering of Spirit within physical matter.” For each person, this sacred journey becomes a process of purification, as guided by Spirit through high Self’s inner wisdom (intuitive guidance/ I AM Presence).

Learning – Blessing – Purpose. Whether liked or not … there is one foot in nature and the other foot in eternity, rooted by faith. The physical world looks different when a “in light of eternity” perspective is cultivated of becoming one with Divine will. For it is from this new perspective that the seemingly incompleteness of things changes to seeing everything is offered and made beautiful in its own time, by His hand.

Choices must be made to create a “body filled of light.” It is about the willingness of mind, heart and spirit to raise the vibration of all three levels of the body to a resonance with the sacred vibratory level of AUM, and then stabilize at these higher levels of spiritual consciousness. This is the call on each soul. As one listens to it and responds by growing in light, the alignment occurs with Divine purpose, as true identity belongs in this eternity.

From Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp becoming one with that smooth flow of light is beautifully expressed in her poem, You Will See a Glow:

“When you look up in the sky, That's when you will see a glow, There will be a sign from him, And you will certainly know.

You will know that he's close to you, That you can tell him anything, And he will come back with an answer, That might just make you sing.

He will help you if you need his help, He will show you the way, He just wants you to do your job, And take a little time to pray.

We love him with all of our heart, And we need to tell him so, For if we do then we'll continue to see, That beautiful shining glow.“

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