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Et Viola, Do Not be Intimidated They Will Allow Anyone In Here

The best food in town
The best food in town
jodi emmer

Et Viola is one of the most prestigious French restaurants in all of Washington D.C. The menu offers some of the most exquisite and well-prepared French and Belgium food in this city and its location in the Palisades neighborhood near Sibley hospital and MacArthur Boulevard put it in range for walking, driving or bus or metro. This is a very accessible and beautiful neighborhood resembling more of an exotic and peaceful garden district like in New Orleans or even some of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the Potomac of which is a few blocks away from this lovely restaurant.

The Mindless Writer was not in the mood for writing a review of any sorts she sort of wandered into the situation (once again) due to her recurring online relationship with some French guy. As if on schedule she had unintentionally stumbled into the restaurant and decided to research the definitive French relationship and engage in a conversation with this Maître de of this absolutely lovely, restaurant.

The maître de of Et Viola has supposedly only lived in the United States for four years prior to that had never left the South of France. He had grown up in Nimes and spoke fondly of the region and his cooking experience and food and wine tastes that were far superior to anyone from say West Virginia or Arkansas. He arrived in Washington D.C. and within a week had the title of Maître De in this fine establishment in this beautiful neighborhood overlooking the Potomac River and these amazing garden view homes.

The Mindless writer ordered the French Onion soup which was excellent, not too salty or over flavored, it was perfect in its own seasoning, the cheese was absolutely perfectly textured and melted, very tasty and also not a lot of salt or unnatural flavorings. The French bread on the side was also homemade and crisp and textured and perfect.

The Mindless Writer also had two long island ice teas that were strong but also well made. She had coffee which was served with steamed milk on the side, not cream and a chocolate mousse dessert that needed a better description than simply decadent. Her two new friends sitting beside her on the outside table, ordered mussels and salad and cheesy bread and a raspberry ice cream dessert that they raved about. They lived within walking distance of the restaurant and everyone here was a regular, they all hugged and talked like it was the neighborhood hangout. She spent at least an hour jogging around the neighborhood to ensure her sobriety behind the wheel later on, and to work off all that heavy dense dessert food.

The Mindless writer is the definitive Caesar Salad girl, most of the time. She will occasionally, as a travel writer attempt to pick the far more exotic types of food or interview anyone who is willing to be interfered with. When it comes to food most people have a very specific taste, vegetarian, meat eater, chicken and fish, gluten-free etc. It isn’t easy to always track every type of food and allot a specific value of its godliness, however Et Viola was packed every weekend, there was always a wait for a table after 6:00p.m. This was a very popular restaurant and the owner/chef has been written up in countless prestigious magazines to display his cooking art and talent.

The service was excellent, the only complaint one could really find was that the walk to the bathroom was very narrow the tables inside the restaurant are a tad bit too close together so there is a lot of movement and waiting in order to get to the back of the restaurant, The Mindless writer wondered how they carried food from the kitchen without occasionally dropping it or tripping over someone else, the pathway was big enough for one person only with the way the tables are lined up.
None the less, this is an exquisite, sophisticated dining experience at its best. The Mindless writer often wonders why they allow her in to these places sometimes.

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