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Esther Schmucker of 'Amish Mafia' is allegedly back with boyfriend who beat her

Amish farmer
Amish farmer
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Esther Schmucker is back with the boyfriend who was arrested for beating her. This is sad new for fans of "Amish Mafia." On Feb. 27, Lancaster Online was able to confirm these rumors. Her attorney actually confirmed the news saying it was true.

Imir R. Williams got out of jail back in December. Esther was actually hurt by him so bad that she had broken teeth and bones. They are now living together again in an apartment and the police have even been called out there more than once.

Her attorney Steven Breit admitted that they are living together again but he is not surprised. When it all went down, Esther had said she wouldn't be with him again and was moving on. Obviously she didn't do that and it is really sad that she is giving him another chance. Hopefully Imir has changed his ways.

"Amish Mafia" airs new episodes on Discovery on Tuesday nights. It is unknown if this will be shown on this season or not.

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Update: Esther went to her Twitter saying it isn't true. She tweeted, "Me and #mirkat do NOT live together. F****** media." She always says Steven Breit is not even her attorney.

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