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Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia' with Imir Williams when he turns himself in

Imir Williams, aka Mirkat, is back in custody. He violated his parole by being with Esther Schmucker from "Amish Mafia." Imir surrendered himself Friday morning to the Lancaster County Sheriff's department. According to Lancaster Online, Esther was with him when he turned himself in to law enforcement.

Esther Schmucker
Discovery Channel

Police responded to two separate calls of a domestic disturbance at Esther's Lancaster home on January 31, 2014 and Feb. 21, 2014. Each time the police arrived, they found Imir inside the house. Imir had given Esther's Wyncoft Lane apartment as his address.

Imir viciously beat Esther on Halloween night of 2013. When Imir took his frustrations out on Esther, he fractured her cheekbone, broke her nose and broke many of her teeth. Esther pressed charges against him. She decided to help other abused women, because of her ordeal. She started to include that on her Facebook page. However, like many abused women, she allegedly allowed Imir back into her life and home.

Imir spent some time in jail before he was released on parole. Part of his parole stipulated that he cannot have any contact with Esther.

Esther's Facebook page denies that she has been with Imir. She posted, “Most of you ought to know better then to believe the shit you read. Especially when it comes to the media. And if one more person posts that ridiculous link to my profile or says some other smart bs your getting blocked.”

Imir is being held without bail at the Lancaster County jail. He is waiting for a hearing on the penalties of his parole violations.

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