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Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia' married or was her Facebook page hacked?

Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Discovery Channel

Fans of “Amish Mafia” star, Esther Schmucker received a shock on August 16, 2014 when they checked out her Facebook page. She allegedly wrote, “My gorgeous husband” underneath a picture of a man she claims is her new husband. Although she does not say who the man is, almost everyone who posted in the comments section said that it is none other than, Imir Williams.

Imir is the man who beat Esther so severely that she was hospitalized and had to endure hours of cosmetic surgery to repair the damage. In a fit of rage, on Halloween night, 2013, Imir broke Esther's nose, fractured her cheekbone, and knocked out several of her teeth. Her roommate couldn’t push him away from her. Then he stood guard over her bed so she could not call police for four days.

Out of 389 comments, several wondered if her Facebook page was hacked, and only a few people wished her well. A few more told her it was a sin for a white woman to marry a black man, but all the other commentators were worried about her safety or her mental state for marrying a man who almost killed her.

Fans watched the episode when she sat down with the cameras to reveal the damage done to her face. Her Facebook page was to be a link or lifeline to help other women who are in a similar abusive situation. But now her message to these women will be to take the abuser back into their lives.

Unfortunately, about two hours later, that post, picture and all the comments were quickly deleted from Facebook. The only proof that there was an announcement came from three other people who commented. Harley Rose posted the comment, "Her marriage announcement must have been the work of a hacker. I see that the picture and comments are gone."

WendynMartin O'Dea responded, " I saw the husband post and wondered what was up"

Harley Rose responded again, "I wonder if her page was hacked, or if she was getting too many negative comments that she decided to take it down herself? I do notice that she doesn't post as much as she did."

The last comment on her alleged wedding came from Mary Iannetta. She wrote, "There was more than enough hateful ugly people on that post,I'm not surprised it was taken down...."

Imir served almost two months in jail for what he did to her and the court ordered him to stay away and have no contact with her. However, after he was released from jail, reports surfaced that she had taken him back into her home. On January 31, 2014 and February 21, 2014, police responded to two separate domestic disturbance calls at Esther’s Lancaster residence. Each time they went inside the home, they found Imir.

Imir was arrested again for breaking his parole. This time he was sentenced to serve three months in jail and, he was again ordered to have no contact with Esther. Judge Reinaker issued a warning to Esther as well. He said, "Courtroom Eight is not a set for the Discovery Channel. I am not interested in your ratings. You two have been nothing but a nuisance to law-enforcement. I'm telling you, Ms. Schmucker, if I could put you and Mr. Williams in Lancaster County Prison, I'd do it. You were the one who criticized the DA (Craig Stedman)."

While Imir was in jail the second time, he broke that court order over 400 times by calling Esther or appointing another inmate to call Esther for him. He was taken to court again for his actions.

Imir’s reason for contacting Esther was because she was in a serious car accident. He said, "I didn't even find out about the accident until reading the newspaper. I've been sitting in jail and realized my freedom is important.” Then he added, “I love her, your honor.”

Apparently, the two must have found a way around the court order by getting married.

One Facebook poster, Christina Schultz-Gallego, wrote, “Kind of suspected something, with your hiatus and all. None of us is anyone to judge, but I will just say I hope he's been able to get help in turning himself, his temper, and his controlling nature around and appreciate you for the wonderful woman that you are with him. You don't deserve anything less than that. Wish you all the happiness in the world.

We are left with this question. Did Esther really marry him, or was her Facebook page hacked and someone is playing a cruel joke? We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out. On August 17, 2014, I sent an email to Mr. Brett Hambright, staff writer for Lancaster Online. So far, he has not responded.

EnStars picked up the story, reporting that she has a picture on her private Instagram page which shows a man, who looks like Imir, kissing her on the cheek.

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