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Esther and John Schmucker 'Amish Mafia' delight fans in meet and greet

Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Esther Schmucker 'Amish Mafia'
Discovery Channel

April 19, 2014, was the day for the meet and greet, Esther and John Schmucker, stars from “Amish Mafia.” At least 60 fans paid the $30 entry fee just so they could chat with Esther and her brother, John, and pose for pictures.

Some of the guests traveled over 5 hours just to say hello, and spend some time with Esther and John. Fans came from Ohio, Delaware, Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey. However, according to Lancaster Online, only three people came from Lancaster County.

What did the fans think about their experience in meeting Esther and John? It seems that everyone had glowing remarks. They said that Esther and John were really friendly. They took time to actually talk with their fans which one fan said was unusual for most TV stars. Apparently, other television stars sign their autograph and then tell the person to keep moving. They don't take time to personally talk with anyone. It's refreshing to know that Esther and John were different and they seemed to appreciate their fans being there. Several fans commented that the two Schmuckers were very nice on Twitter as well.

When they were asked about "Amish Mafia," they both said that they were not sure whether they would return for season four even though it is in the works. Esther replied, "We're going to negotiate. There are certain things that have aired that we haven't been happy with. If we can come to an agreement and meet in the middle, then maybe."

One fan apparently touched Esther’s heart. Courtney Youndt of Lancaster asked to have her picture taken with Esther and John, but instead of her face being in the picture, she held up a life-sized picture of her friend, Irina Blantz’s face. Irina could not make the meet and greet because she is going through chemotherapy.

Esther said that she would like to do more fund-raisers and attend other functions that would help the Amish and the English people of Lancaster. Esther did say that she is doing a walk for cancer to help benefit a woman who has breast cancer in June.

Check out Esther’s Facebook page for the many wonderful pictures of the Schmuckers and their fans.

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