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Estelle Shaw helps to spring clean your life

Spring cleaning can help improve your ability to parent.
Spring cleaning can help improve your ability to parent.
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Parents, are you looking for peace of mind? Since spring is in full bloom, it is time to de-clutter your home and surroundings, get your living space back and take control of your life. You and your children will be much happier with the results. When the unnecessary disorder disappears, a positive peace of mind will set in.

Need help with this plan? Look no further for Estelle Shaw, lifestyle and wellness expert, celebrity trainer, and founder of, has tried and true tips below on simple ways to organize the clutter around your house and bring newfound serenity to your life!

Many times parents discover that when their physical surroundings are cluttered, so is there mind, therefore there will evidently be less time to spend with the family. Women today often times double shift; they have a full work schedule only to come home to running their children to their various activities, feeding the family, and taking care of their home life. Eventually ‘stuff’ accumulates, taking over the living space and causing unnecessary stress.

Luckily, Estelle Shaw has devised a simple system to stay organized without having to take a lot of time to keep up with the system after the initial time investment to get it started. As she is a busy mom herself, she realized that creating a system to keep the hodgepodge under control can greatly benefit you and others in your community. Below are her expert tips for getting rid of the clutter and spring cleaning your life:

Get Organized

· Do you have a hard time finding things in your closets? Are they stuffed so full you can’t even close the door? Try categorizing your clothes on hangers. Separating garments by season or style may work well for you. Once you’ve worn one item, when you replace it, hang it with the hanger facing backwards so you can see that it has been worn. Twice a year, go through your closet, anything that hasn’t been worn can be donated. You may also adopt the philosophy that when you buy something new, something old should be donated.

· Are your storage closets overflowing? Creating labels on shelves so everyone knows where things belong can be helpful for staying organized. Some items may need to be stored in containers with lids to create more space. You can expand your space by stacking items in labeled containers.

· Add shelving and hooks in your garage to store items that are used seasonally will make putting things away a breeze. Getting items off the floor will help you stay organized, save time, and keep things from being misplaced or broken.


· As kids grow up, they outgrow their clothes. Keep a box labeled donations. As they outgrow their gently worn clothes, put them in the box and once the box is full; drop it off at your local charity. Many charities have drop boxes at shopping centers to make giving convenient

· Kids always seem to have an overabundance of toys, including many they have outgrown. As toy boxes start to overflow, consider passing them down to younger family members or donating to a local daycare, church or pediatrician’s office. Gently used toys can benefit other kids in your community long after your child has moved on to other interests. Making your child a part of the process also teaches them the concept of giving.

· Donating your time can be one of the greatest gifts you could give. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, tutor kids in math or reading, take meals to shut-ins, or bake cookies for your neighbors. Teaching kids the gift of service is best learned by modeling, so try to include them in your volunteer activities. The options are endless.

Work Out your Body and Mind

· Keeping physically active helps to clear the clutter from our mind and reduce stress. Get involved in activities that the entire family can participate in. Go on a nature walk or hike together, and if you have young children make sure the trail is stroller or toddler friendly. Play a game of basketball to tone your lower body and work out your heart. You can also play Wii fitness to create competitions among family members and serve healthy refreshments.

· Try yoga, as it stills your mind and puts you in touch with your body. You can also expect to improve your posture, flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga focuses on controlling your breath and improving your balance by teaching you to move your body in new ways. Some forms of yoga focus on meditation to bring you into the present moment of total relaxation

· Meditate. It’s hard for women to slow down and smell the roses. Take time to meditate and reflect. Whether you practice tai chi or prayer, finding time to connect with yourself on a deeper level can help clear your mind and keep life in perspective. Learning to be present in the moment makes you a better spouse, a better parent, and a better version of yourself.

As Ms. Shaw recommends, when life begins to feel overwhelming, it is time to take a good look around and see if you can detect what is out of order. Perhaps the simple task of cleaning out your closet or drawers, simply de-cluttering your physical surroundings, will be enough for you to refocus away from the inner stresses that concern you. By completing the mundane, but easy tasks, you may just get back to basics and be able to simplify your lifestyle; doing wonders for your mental outlook!

Check Estelle Shaw’s tips at Happy spring cleaning!

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