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Estate sale myths

A lot of people love going to estate sales, yet few people really think about this option for them when it’s time to move and/or clean out a home. The main reason for this is that a lot of people have some misconceptions about how an estate sale works. The following beliefs are things that just aren’t true about estate sales.

  1. Everything has to have a lot of value in order to hold a sale. In fact, not everything in a house has to be an antique or even in good condition in order to hold a sale. Customers come from many walks of life, and they’re all looking for different things. A lot of times boxes of general household goods such as dishes and towels will sell. Even if you don’t have a lot of expensive furniture, you can still hold an estate sale.

  2. If you tried to sell it once and couldn’t find a buyer, don’t bother with an estate sale. Too many people just don’t know where to find the right market for the items they have. When you hold an estate sale, we advertise to thousands of people. Some of our clients will travel for hours for the right item. Let us take a look at what you have before giving up.

  3. Your house has to be in great shape to hold a sale. A lot of people shy away from holding an estate sale because they believe their house is too messy or unorganized. This is why we are experts at cleaning up houses and displaying items so that they will sell. Don’t worry if you have an older home that hasn’t been taken care of, we’ve seen everything and can help you get ready.

  4. Don’t use an estate sale service if you don’t know what everything is worth. While some smaller companies may require you to set prices, we have professional and experienced evaluators who know the value of everything from antique furniture to farm equipment. We want you to be happy, and in order to do that you need to get top dollar for your valuables.

  5. I don’t have enough stuff. While we have done estate sales at small apartments, sometimes a person just has a few items to sell. In these cases, we are willing to buy certain items. Check out our website for a complete list of what we accept.

  6. When the sale ends, you’ll have a mess. After our buyers come through, we clean up everything related to the sale. If you still have stuff you want to get rid of, we offer services that will donate or throw away whatever you want.

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