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Essentials every woman needs for their wardrobe at any age

To have the perfect wardrobe that will carry you from season to season without having to spend a lot of money means investing in some tried and true timeless pieces. We're not just talking about having a little black dress on standby but other items as well like the perfect pair of nude pumps. These items are your go to whatever the occasion clothes that will mix and match everything and anything in your closet and won't make you look dated.

Essentials for every woman's wardrobe
  1. Ankle booties: Regardless of whether you like a high heel boot or a low boot, an ankle boot is a definite shoe to have in your wardrobe. They go well with just about everything from pants, skirts to even dresses. The height is up to you. Wear what makes you comfortable.

  2. Cropped black trousers: Look for a pair that are fitted but not skinny fit to maximize their potential in your closet. Think Audrey Hepburn cigarette pants that stop just above your ankles. They're great for weekend wear when paired up with canvas sneakers or ballets flats and can be dressed up with your trusted ankle booties for the office.

  3. Moto jacket: If you don't have one of these in your closet, what are you waiting for? This jacket is the perfect jacket to add an edge to any outfit as well as bringing any look full circle. Don't reserve the moto jacket for jeans. Pair it up with a sweet lace dress or a midi skirt for a total badass look.

  4. Signature jewelry: Whether it's a cameo pendant handed down from your grandmother, a pair of pearl earrings gifted to you on your 16th birthday or a Pandora bracelet that represents your family, a signature piece of jewelry is what makes you standout in a crowd. It doesn't have to be a statement piece, just to you. For me, I never leave home without hoop earrings.

  5. A classic watch: Nowadays, most people rely on their electronic devices to tell them the time, but nothing reads elegance and class like a timepiece. It not only will break up the monotony of your arm candy but it also makes a great conversation starter when people actually see you wearing one.

  6. The perfect pair of jeans: When you find that perfect pair of jeans that make your waist look small, your hips perfect and your butt perky don't you just feel invincible? Well, that's why every woman should have the perfect pair of jeans in their closet. These are the jeans that no matter what type of day you're having they just make everything so much better. Once you find that pair, buy more than one! Styles change constantly so you never know when your preferred style may be discontinued.

  7. The perfect pair of black pumps: If you work outside of your home, you know what it feels like to be on your feet all day in a pair of pumps that crunch up your toes and rub you in all the wrong places. Invest some time and maybe a few extra dollars in finding the perfect pair of pumps. Once you do you'll realize that every day is a pump day and you'll want to wear them with everything and everywhere. And why not? Pumps are great for elongating the leg making you look longer and taller.

  8. The pencil skirt: It doesn’t matter if your tall or short, skinny or curvy, nothing is more flattering and forgiving than a pencil skirt...not to mention sexy as hell. Choose one that's made of a sturdy material that can take you from day to night with the change of a few accessories and shoes.

  9. A classic handbag: Look for a bag that's mid sized so that it carries all your essentials and then some. It's a statement piece that not only will carry you from season to season it's also one that will never go out of style.

  10. Basic cardigans: These never go out of style and can be worn every season. They're completely versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

  11. White dress shirt: Just as versatile as the basic cardigan, the white dress shirt is timeless in its style and cut. Make sure that you have one that's made of a sturdy fabric to hold up to multiple washings and won't yellow or fray. The white dress shirt is your go to shirt for just about any occasion.

  12. Ballet flats: When you just can't bring yourself to wear pumps or just feel like being a bit more casual without going athletic, ballet flats are the way to go. Paired up with jeans, legging and even skirts, ballet flats add and instant girlishness to any outfit.

  13. A trench coat: Whether you want to think of this as a classic piece, believe me it is. Nothing holds up year after year of fashion trends coming and going like a trench coat. They can be worn dressy over your favorite evening dress or can be dressed down when worn over jeans and riding boots.

  14. Nude pumps: They go with everything...everything!

  15. The perfect V neck white tee shirt: Just like the classic white shirt, the V neck is a piece that can easily be dressed up or dressed down with just the switch of a few accessories.

  16. A wrap dress: This isn't your little black dress. This is your go to dress when you're having dinner with friends or have a presentation in the office. It's your power dress and makes you feel amazing in a silhouette that is timeless. Just ask Diane von Furstenberg.

  17. A blazer: A great fitting blazer is just what you need to create a polished look with either jeans or trousers and can even be paired up with skirts and dresses. Look for one that fits just above your hips to give you a slimming effect.

  18. A pea coat: Originally styled for men, the pea coat has reach the classic status among women everywhere. You can dress it up, dress it down, add personality to it with a brooch or a brightly colored scarf. Think of your pea coat as a black canvas waiting for you to create a masterpiece with.

  19. Diamond studs and a pearl necklace: Pure class. When statement necklaces of out of style and chandelier earrings are no more, you'll never be at a loss for great jewelry with these two pieces.

  20. Lastly, the little black dress. The most basic and most worn item in any woman's closet. With the right investment your little black dress will be a staple for years to come and will always look different no matter how you style it.

When buying these classic pieces and adding them to your wardrobe remember to ask yourself whether they're truly versatile (like choosing a boat neck tee versus a V neck tee) and whether the quality will withstand the test of time. Nothing is more of a waste of money than buying an item that shreds the first time you wash it.

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