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Essential resolutions for the year 2010


Photo by Rebecca DeVaney

With a planet in peril, resolutions should be easy to set. Here are a few Earth-friendly resolutions to kick start 2010.

1. Volunteer. Those who made standard resolutions to lose weight or reduce alcohol intake may wish to consider volunteering time a few days out of the week as an alternate means of achieving personal goals. Many volunteer opportunities involve physical activity. Why join a gym when you can help build homes for the homeless or chase tots around a homeless daycare center for free?

2. Go Veg. Consider becoming a vegetarian or at least reducing your meat intake. Few people are aware of the impact animal agriculture has on our environment. Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming than all transportation in the world combined. Additionally, for every ten tuna, sharks and other large predatory fish fifty years ago, only one is left today. At this rate, all fish species will be gone is less than fifty years. We are contributing to and witnessing an extinction of a species.  

3. Go Green. Reduce waste and recycle. The average person residing in the United States throws away seven and a half pounds of rubbish per day. Reducing waste and recycling saves energy, conserves landfill space and helps prevent further water pollution. 

4. Enlighten Yourself. Before judging or casting a negative (or positive) opinion towards a cause or an individual, do your research. Open your mind by pursuing inspiration from all sources; history, nature, literature, arts, politics and so forth. 

5. Feed the soul inside.  Whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Judaist or still searching, we all have something in common – an energy source dwelling within a human body for a brief period in time.  In realizing this, we can begin to envision true unity and experience inner peace. 

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  • Pearl 5 years ago

    Global warming is a myth. These are the most ridiculous resolutions I've read yet. Espacially the last one. Jesus is the only way.

  • Justin 5 years ago

    It's people like you, Pearl, who perpetuate hate. Read up on your facts before opening your fat trap.

  • Pearl 5 years ago

    The bible says those who seek help from false prophets instead of Jesus find there final resting place in hell. amen.

  • Justin 5 years ago

    Pearl, you moron, I don't see in any context how this writer is claiming to be any sort of false prophet. From what I read, she is steering people towards a better direction. If you ask my opinion, that is mighty Christian of her. Stop judging people. It's against your beliefs.

  • Pearl Bagger 5 years ago

    Pearl, you are evidently an idiot blindly following a non-essential religion. If you read resolution #5, it is stated by the writer that everyone is illuminated inside, if they look for it. Pull back on your finger pointing. Try one resolution, you might become a better person.

  • timone 5 years ago

    a good read for pearl would be the book "living buddha, living christ". it explains what it means to be a real christian.

  • Pearl 5 years ago

    Sorry Timone, Jesus lives. Buddha died. You can have your God and I will keep mine.

  • Jamie L. 5 years ago

    Pearl, Why have you turned something so positive into something so negative? I don't think Jesus would object to anything Rero has written in this article from what I have read in the Bible. Helping people, eating healthy, trying to keep our earth clean, opening our minds and having a positive energy source, it makes good sense to me even if global warming is a myth. Are you angry about something?

  • Jesus H. Pearl 5 years ago

    Pearl rocks. If she were Jesus I'd totally go to church.

  • Forest Gump 5 years ago

    And I thought I had problems! do people still use the word totally?
    I've been away sooooooooo Long. Got to go now, time for some shrimp. Have a nice day:-)Totally!

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