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Essential resolutions for the year 2010



  • Pearl 6 years ago

    Global warming is a myth. These are the most ridiculous resolutions I've read yet. Espacially the last one. Jesus is the only way.

  • Justin 6 years ago

    It's people like you, Pearl, who perpetuate hate. Read up on your facts before opening your fat trap.

  • Pearl 6 years ago

    The bible says those who seek help from false prophets instead of Jesus find there final resting place in hell. amen.

  • Justin 6 years ago

    Pearl, you moron, I don't see in any context how this writer is claiming to be any sort of false prophet. From what I read, she is steering people towards a better direction. If you ask my opinion, that is mighty Christian of her. Stop judging people. It's against your beliefs.

  • Pearl Bagger 6 years ago

    Pearl, you are evidently an idiot blindly following a non-essential religion. If you read resolution #5, it is stated by the writer that everyone is illuminated inside, if they look for it. Pull back on your finger pointing. Try one resolution, you might become a better person.

  • timone 6 years ago

    a good read for pearl would be the book "living buddha, living christ". it explains what it means to be a real christian.

  • Pearl 6 years ago

    Sorry Timone, Jesus lives. Buddha died. You can have your God and I will keep mine.

  • Jamie L. 6 years ago

    Pearl, Why have you turned something so positive into something so negative? I don't think Jesus would object to anything Rero has written in this article from what I have read in the Bible. Helping people, eating healthy, trying to keep our earth clean, opening our minds and having a positive energy source, it makes good sense to me even if global warming is a myth. Are you angry about something?

  • Jesus H. Pearl 6 years ago

    Pearl rocks. If she were Jesus I'd totally go to church.

  • Forest Gump 6 years ago

    And I thought I had problems! do people still use the word totally?
    I've been away sooooooooo Long. Got to go now, time for some shrimp. Have a nice day:-)Totally!

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