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Essential Principles for a Killer Website Design

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Today, the internet has become the most important platform that people and businesses use to interact. There are millions of websites from all over the world available at the click of a button that cater to our many different needs. This includes businesses reaching out to potential clients, people interacting with one another over social media, people indulging in online shopping and information-seekers browsing informative websites. The internet clearly has something for everyone.

The massive dependency of mankind on the internet for any kind of activity makes it imperative that all types of businesses have an excellent online presence. The most important part of a business online is its website. Just like design at any scale, the design of a great website encompasses both form and function. While there are several factors that impact the usability and attractiveness of a website, here are some basic principles that business owners and web designers need to be mindful of when creating an engaging and effective website.

A great website must provide for the needs of the user while communicating the nature of your business in an effective manner. It doesn’t matter if your business is a news page, a social media website or a website explaining the services you offer. The purpose of the website must be clear and unambiguous.

The goal is to of our content is to deliver quality content within the fewest clicks of the mouse as possible. The ease of use of the various pages should be the aim of the business owner while developing or reinventing a website. Users today access websites for quick information and the website must prove to be useful right from the very first glance in order to ensure a conversion takes place.

Information alone, although presented in a crisp and bulleted fashion, can make the website unexciting if used incorrectly. Using original high quality images or stock photos to convey information about the website can be very effective in drawing the first time user’s attention. Images can be very powerful if used in the right context.

Apart from compelling content, visual aspects of the website such as colors and typefaces go a long way when ensuring a comfortable user experience. While using complementary colors for the website to create a pleasing and harmonious website, the designer must also use contrasting colored text in comfortable typefaces. Comfortable typefaces are generally fonts that are sans serif which include Verdana and Arial. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman are very rigid and have their own place in design. Simultaneously, warm and bright colors can be used sparingly to draw attention, encouraging the user to take action.

The layout of the website has to be defined in order for it to be visually coherent. A grid layout is often preferred because of its ability to hold information and images in a clutter-free and balanced fashion.

Effective navigation is the key to the success of an informative and attractive website. The ease with which users can move around the website and take action can be achieved using tactics such as page hierarchy, clickable buttons and image links. The three click rule is a very useful navigation principle that says a user should be able to find the desired information within three clicks after accessing the website.

Speed of a website is another very important factor in keeping users engaged. The lack of speed can prove to be a liability when a website consistently takes more than a few seconds to load. Quick load times can be ensured by choosing a faster web hosting company or using caching techniques that reduce the number of database queries.

In conclusion, these simple principles can help business owners put together a great and engaging website that leaves a mark in the viewer’s mind. Business owners today can find a number of companies online that offer basic website design and hosting services at an affordable cost. Full SEM is a fantastic example of a search engine marketing company that is successfully driving sales through Google for business owners worldwide.