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Essential Oils Linked to Health, Happiness and Harmony in the Home

Some of the many benefits of essential oils
Some of the many benefits of essential oils
Larissa Vaughn

[Peoria, Ariz]---Many years ago Nyquil cornered the market on the “nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever so you can rest medicine.” Out of desperation most of us have taken a swig of the sickeningly sweet syrup and woken up dazed and confused several days later. This Saturday, July 19th at 11am, Larissa Vaughn will share her expertise for a natural alternative to taking over-the-counter and prescription medicines with the use of Young Living Essential Oils.

According to the FDA, in the United States consumers spend over 20 billion dollars a year on over-the-counter medications, with the average person filling more than 11 doctor’s prescriptions as well. This phenomenon is not only costly, but unsafe. The mixing of cold medications, with certain prescription drugs sends thousands of people to the hospital annually with symptoms ranging from dizziness and vomiting to hallucinations and tremors. Many of these careless blunders cause those seeking relief to pay the ultimate price.

Young Living Essential Oils are a safe replacement found in nature and available for a fraction of the costs associated with pills, cough syrups, and ointments. The oils can be used for everything from the common cold, to rashes, muscle aches, sleeping problems and more, including beauty treatments and as household cleaners.

Promoter of Young Living Essential Oils, Larissa Vaughn explains how the use of a certain oil blend called Peace & Calming, “helped her insomniac sister get a full night’s sleep without the need of prescription sleep aids and without their dangerous side effects. She continues, “The same essential oil blend calms our 14 ½ year old Beagle during fireworks and monsoon storms.”
There are blends utilized to help those returning from war or dealing with other dramatic events to ease the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Additionally Larissa shares that her “TMJD symptoms have eased up to the points where [she] no longer needs to wear a night guard to prevent teeth grinding.” She adds, “We’ve saved a lot of money on doctor’s visits and prescriptions because we no longer have to purchase Advil, Children’s Tylenol, Pepto Bismal, cough syrup, Icy Hot, Neosporin, Calamine Lotion- the list goes on!”

For more information about Young Living Essential Oils or to purchase oils and/or attend this Saturday’s event visit Larissa’s sponsor number is 1401049 for those who decide to order their oils online. With enough information, Americans can transition from a cabinet full of expensive, dangerous drugs to nature's safe alternative: essential oils.

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