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Essential exercise nutrition

casein protein is an essential part of a muscle-building diet
casein protein is an essential part of a muscle-building

One of the most overlooked parts of exercise nutrition is the night-time snack. Eating a low-carb, protein-dense snack right before you go to bed helps slow muscle catabolism, maintain an overall anabolic state, and burn fat.

Sources of slow-digesting protein

The most reliable sources of slow-digesting proteins are isolated casein protein and cottage cheese. Rather than digest quickly and thus absorb quickly, casein protein (which is present in cottage cheese, and other dairy products) takes 4-6 hours to completely digest, and therefore your body actually burns calories while you sleep, and consuming it regularly over a long period of time has shown to have excellent results.

A delicious night-time shake

Here is an example of the perfect snack, to be eaten right before you go to bed. In a blender, mix the following:

Serve in a chilled glass. This shake is absolutely delicious and easy to make. Also, the resulting muscle growth and fat loss could be the missing link in your diet program.