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Essential crafting skills for preppers

March is National Craft Month
March is National Craft Month
Craft & Hobby Association

March is National Craft Month. Why is this important to preppers? What a great opportunity to learn a new craft! We prep for all sorts of scenarios and some point and time it may be necessary to learn how to knit or crochet or to make candles or soap.

Knitting & crocheting

  • make sweaters
  • make hats, gloves and scarves
  • knit or crochet a blanket


  • make your own clothes
  • darn your socks
  • stitch up a torn Bug Out Bag or a tear in your tent
  • first aid stitching


  • make a basket

Candle Making

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Aroma

Soap Making

  • Depending on the scenario, you may find yourself needing to hunt for food and supplies. The fat from a white tail deer, for example, can be used for lard which then can be used to make soap. Hygiene will be a necessity regardless of the scenario. Karla Moore, a professional soaper in Iowa, offers this basic soap recipe. She warns this is not easy and does require cleanliness. Hence, it may well be a craft we should master before SHTF. Click here to get her recipe.
  • Hygiene will ward off many illnesses and play a vital role in safety.

Some of these skills are relatively simple and can be learned on the fly. Others take some more practice. Candle making, for example, can be as simple as inserting a wick into a can of Crisco. Soap making is a more learned skill. Other crafts that may come in handy, and make a great hobby now, are tanning, woodworking, carpentry and culinary skills.

Many craft stores locally offer craft classes.

Lancaster Craft Shops

  1. AC Moore

Lancaster Shopping Center

1515 Lititz Pike

Lancaster PA 17601


  1. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

838 Plaza Blvd.

Lancaster PA


  1. Michaels

Lancaster Shopping Center

1515 Lititz Pike

Lancaster PA 17601


  1. PA Fabric Outlet

2460 New Holland Pike #3

Lancaster PA 17601


Another educational source is the local colleges. The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, for example, is offering classes this semester in a Pollinator Garden Design, Canning Marmalade, and Artisan Pizza. The Lancaster Public Library also offers a variety of classes, often free.

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